MR.DIY Year End Sale 2021
30 November 2021
Prepare Your Home for 2022 with Our Year End Sale
Stocking up on your favourite cleaning or essential products while on sale can help you to save more money in the long run, especially if you use it on almost a daily or weekly basis. With MR.DIY Year End Sale, you can do just that to prepare your home for 2022. Here are some suggestions for you:

9755572 - 9755574 - RM15.50 RM9.90 Each

Floor cleaner is a must have in every home because it is used almost daily or weekly. Therefore, it is a must to keep a few bottles of this on hand so that you don’t need to keep purchasing when a bottle finishes.

9750448 - 9750450 – RM16.35 RM14.90 Each
Want to remove odour from you and your family’s laundry? Try using Downy fabric conditioner! Save more when you buy more this year end sales. 
9750114 - 9750116 – RM15.99 RM14.90 Each Set

Want your room to smell good all the time? Get these room fresheners in various scents to create an inviting smell into your room, bathroom or office. 
9751410 - 9751411 – RM35.00 RM30.90 Each Set

Mouthwash is one of the daily use items that needs to be stocked up regularly. You need multiple bottles on hand, especially if you have a number of family members using it because it can finish quite fast. Take advantage of sales to save more money.

9760802 – RM17.90 RM14.90 Each Set

If your home has mosquitoes in the evening or at night, then it is a good idea to have aerosol repellent to repel mosquitoes and prevent their itchy bites.

*Prices shown are for West Malaysia (WM). Click here to view for East Malaysia (EM).


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