MR.DIY Harga Kami Tetap Sama
12 January 2022
Our Prices Remain the Same! Here’s What to Get

Get peace of mind right now while you shop for your daily items at any MR.DIY stores because “Harga Kami Tetap Sama!”. MR.DIY Group products prices continue to remain the same throughout this period so here are some ideas on what to get:


MR.DIY Dishwashing Paste Lemon (800g)

9200110 - RM3.30 (EM) / RM3.25 (WM)

Dishwashing paste is very economical because you just need a little to wash your dishes. It’s highly effective in cleaning dishes as it cuts through grease and especially suited to washing with hands. 


MR.DIY Round Shape LED Bulb Daylight A60

9022001 - RM5.90

Did you recently break a lightbulb? Fret not because you can still get it at your nearest MR.DIY store! Make sure to keep another one on hand in case of an emergency as prices remain the same.


MR.DIY Hot Glue Gun

9075783 - RM15.50

Hot glue guns are great for home DIY projects or to lightly fix some items at home. Not only that, but it is also the perfect tool for anyone’s craft projects.


GETSUN Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner with Brush

9000620 - RM6.75

This multi-purpose foam cleaner efficiently cuts through grease, dirt and grime as well as eliminates strong odors including food, smoke and pet odors. It produces a fast acting white foam to efficiently clean work surfaces and can be used for leather, fabric, carpets and vinyl.

AEROPAK Aircon Fresh Spray

9002487 - RM11.50

Try out this air conditioner cleaner to keep your air conditioner running efficiently while killing germs, odours, mold and bacteria. It is really easy to use and will leave a pleasant lemon scent in your car.

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