20 January 2022
Visiting Relatives? Here’s How to Huat with MR.DIY!
Many Malaysians are excited to reunite with their family & friends this year as most have completed their vaccinations and are even supercharged by the booster shot. However, it is important to remember to keep adhering to the SOPs. Here’s how you can huat safely with MR.DIY “Visiting Relatives Survival Kit” this Year of the Tiger:

Hand sanitizers are an important must have anywhere you go to maintain personal hygiene when there is no soap and running water to wash your hands near you. So, always make sure you have one with you or in your bag at all times.

Now you can match your new year outfit with this festive face mask and stay safe at all times. But remember to also always maintain physical distancing and stay away from any crowds.

While wearing a facemask at all times is good, you can get extra protection when you wear face shields together with your facemask. Double the protection, and double the safety.
Last but not least, protect yourself and your family with the Covid-19 self test kit. If you are planning to visit others during Chinese New Year, it is prudent to do a Covid-19 self test to reduce any risks. There are many self test kits available in the market now and MR.DIY offers some of the lowest prices in the market. Not to mention, MR.DIY also offers different types of self test kits to suit anyone's needs and preferences.
*MR.DIY have been authorised to sell the above Antigen Rapid Test Kits by the Ministry of Health's Medical Device Authority (MDA).

Happy Chinese New Year. May you and your family be blessed with health, wealth, happiness and success!
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