26 July 2019
Celebrate Happy Friendship Day with a D.I.Y. Friendship Bracelet

A single candle can illuminate an entire room, but a true friend can light up an entire lifetime. Friendship Day is a day to honour your friends and it is right around the corner, so try to find some time to schedule a day out together! Meanwhile, you can acknowledge your friendship with a little gift. Friendship bracelets are a budget friendly and meaningful gift that you can give to your best friend. Luckily, MR.DIY has all the materials you need for your DIY project.


Loom Bands Beads

To create a beautiful friendship bracelet. You will need two types of beads, which are alphabet beads, for spelling out you and your friend’s name and also plain beads, for decoration. Our Loom Bands Beads are colourful and affordable and not to mention, the strings are included as well.

Alphabet Beads: 9088761 – RM2.92

Plain Beads: 9085090 – RM1.79



First, arrange the alphabet beads according to your friend’s name as well as the design of the bracelet. Choose the colours that your friend will love the most.



Now it is time to work on the string! Open the string from the pack and measure your wrist with it, make sure you add in an extra six inches on the string so that you have enough space to work with when you are stringing the beads together.


Use a foldback clip to prevent the beans from slipping. Simple hack ;)

String the beads along accorrding to your friend's name as well as the design of the bracelet. Make sure the number of beads and the spelling is correct.

Make sure you measure the bracelet around your hand to ensure that the bracelet won't be too tight.

Once you're done stringing the beads, its time to tie the knot! Now this task requires a little bit of patience..you don't want the beads to fall off now don't you?

Once you've tied the bracelet, the last step is to trim off the ends with the scissors. That's all! The bracelet is now ready.