06 August 2019
Malaysian Youtubers Does MR.DIY Unboxing

Youtube is one of the top websites in Malaysia, with so much fun and engaging content and with millions of videos being posted every day. YouTubers have become an important source of information and entertainment for the millennial-generation. With that said, MR.DIY had the opportunity to work on several videos with some of these talented Youtubers. Tell us, which video is your favourite?

Aisyah Habshee

Aisyah Habshee makes videos sharing about her life as a university student and also creates videos where she tries new experiences with her friends or new products. She uploads two to three videos every week. In this video, she demonstrates her office setup with MR.DIY products.


Afifah Rosli

Even though she is still a student, Afifah already has already gained a few thousand fans on Youtube, thanks to her back to school supplies videos. She also likes to vlog about her day to day life, trying out new food, travels and more. In her latest MR.DIY video, she unboxes a few pet items as well as stationery for school.




From unboxing videos to vlogs to random rantings, there’s never a dull post on Aminur’s page. You can even find food and drinks reviews (a Malaysian fav). In his recent MR.DIY video, he creatively used MR.DIY items to decorate and improve his room.


Sidrah Qistina

Sidrah Qistina’s 2 Spicy Korean Burger video reached half a million views since it posted and she hasn’t stopped since. It’s no wonder that this Youtuber is on the rise, she is popular for her student life videos, vlog, travel, unboxing, and mukbang content as well. In this video, she revealed some lifehacks to her subscribers as well as how to incorporate MR.DIY items into her self-care routine.




Hvyrinrahmah, also known as Hurin, is a fairly new Malaysian Youtuber. Viewers seem to love her vlogs and travel videos the most. However, she also does videos like bundle shopping videos and challenge videos. She is a fan of the colour PINK, as demonstrated in her all pink MR.DIY Unboxing.