Merdeka 2019
14 August 2019
Then & Now: Malaysia Edition

This coming 31 August 2019 marks the 62nd anniversary of Malaysia’s national independence. How much have we changed since back then? Come take a trip down the memory lane with MR.DIY and see the difference then compared to now


Before, there was only Teh Tarik or Teh Ais but now the trend everywhere is Boba Tea. Do you love this drink or do you still prefer to go old school?


In the past, kids used to go outside and play Gasing with each other to see who’s Gasing can spin the longest time. Now, kids prefer to play with Beyblade, where they can battle with each other. 


Before, people would use a rotary dial phone, but as technologies advance, phones are now electronic. Some houses don’t even have landlines as now people mostly just rely on their mobile phones! We have come a long way in communication.


Rabbit Candy used to be a favourite among kids way back when. People are getting more creative now with food and you can even find Rabbit Candy ice creams now!


Ais Kacang was and is still a Malaysian favourite dessert. Traditionally, people used to hand crank the ice shaving machine to churn out the shaved ice used in the dessert, then served with various toppings. Now, Malaysians enjoy similar delicacies such as Bigsu.

Remember film cameras? We do. You only can see the result of your photos after finishing your roll of film and getting the photos developed. Now, you can easily take a photo with your phone! It takes a second to see if the photo turns out well and if it doesn’t, you can take the picture again.



Before, TVs were big and bulky with only a few channels to watch. But now as TVs are bigger, thinner and better with HD viewing, people are spoiled for choice as there are many channels to watch and not to mention we also have streaming services like Netflix.


In Universities, it’s important to take note of announcements and exam tips from the lecturers. Before, students used to simply write down the notes and hope that they write fast enough to catch the details. Now, students can just hold up their phones and take a snap.


Before, people used to stop by at the shops to get their daily newspapers to learn about the latest news. Now, everything is available in through any devices – as long as there is internet!

Make up trends come and go. Before, people tend to gravitate towards vintage looks. Think wavy hair, red lips and dramatic eye shadows. Now, girls prefer simple looks such as simple eye makeup and nude lips. We think both looks are beautiful!

Regardless of the differences then and now, one thing that has not change about Malaysians is patriotism for our country. This is the time of the year when Malaysians show appreciation for yet another year of harmony. Let's focus on our similarities and look at the positive aspects of our diverse country. If you love this post, do give it a share..Happy Merdeka to All Malaysians!