Merdeka 2019
16 August 2019
Easy Merdeka Pinwheel with MR.DIY

Want a fun-filled Merdeka activity with your family and friends? Have a Merdeka DIY Project you need to do for school? Need to find budget friendly Merdeka decorations for your workplace? Here is a simple DIY craft that you can make with stationary you already have or can easily find at MR.DIY.


You will need:

  • A4 Paper
  • Scissor - 9084821 (RM2.69)
  • Glue - 9081966 (RM1.32)
  • Pencil - 9089917 (RM5.30)
  • Poster - Paint 9087387 (RM11.79)
  • Paintbrush - 9089527 (RM2.20)
  • Round Head Push Pin - 9081079 (RM1.70)


Prepare your A4 papers depending on the amount of pinwheels you plan to make.


For each paper, fold the short side of the paper along to make sure that it is square in shape. Then, cut off the additional parts.



On the square paper, draw straight and even lines on one side of the paper and paint alternating red lines so that it resembles the flag. Once the paint is dry, turn the paper and paint the backside blue.


Fold the paper in half so that it resembles a triangle and cut a 2-3cm straight line at the middle tip of the triangle. Make sure all the lines are the same length, it helps if you could draw out a line first before cutting to avoid any mistakes.



Put some glue on the paper – red and white stripes facing up – and then slowly fold in the edges as shown in the photo, now you can see the colours and the shape of the pinwheel coming together.


Print out a tiny round image of a crescent moon and star and cut it. Alternatively, you can draw it yourself and then cut it..but do make sure that the size is suitable for the pinwheel!


So how do you make a spinnable pinwheel? This is where the pencil comes in..but it has to be a pencil with an eraser tip. Position the round head pin in the middle of the pinwheel and gently push until the pin goes through. Once it does, push it through again on the eraser side of the pencil and there you have it..a spinable pinwheel!

Don’t forget! There is a last step. Stick the little crescent moon and star cutout in the middle of your pinwheel and you’re finally done. Now you can enjoy your new pinwheel.


In conjunction with the 62nd anniversary of Malaysia’s national independence, we would like to wish everyone Selamat Hari Merdeka in advanced!


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