MR.DIY Online Exclusive Sales
22 August 2019
Get Your Room Organized For Less

Sometimes all we need is a neat and tidy home. Storage boxes, compartments, drawers and racks are all items that can help us to achieve that. Luckily, MR.DIY Online has these very items to help you keep organized, whether at your bedroom, kitchen, and even laundry room – what more with discounts up to 30%! Here are just some of the convenient and affordable items for you.

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MR.DIY Plastic Stacking Clothes Fold Board (10 Pcs)

2910097 - RM73.00 RM51.10

These clothes stacking board makes it easier for you now to organize your clothes and it will make your wardrobe much neater. Featuring horn design to prevent slippage, it’s easy and convenient to use..not to mention you can now choose your outfits without turning it into a mess! It’s suitable for shirt, shorts, T-shirt, sweater and more.

MR.DIY Plastic Slim Stocker 2-Drawers Shelves Storage Grey (80cm X 40cm)

2910111 - RM199.00 RM119.40

The best thing about this stocker shelves storage is that it fills interspace which enables you to make good use of room. It has rollers at the bottom which makes it portable. It comes with 2 drawers combination match various storage styles. You can store different types of toiletries or even towels, you can store all your bottles and has multiple uses and it all depends on your needs and creativity. Have no fret because it’s also dust-proof, moisture-proof and convenient to use.


MR.DIY Plastic 2-Divided Multi-Grid Compartments Storage Box With Lid White (30.5cm X 23.5cm)

2910124 - RM28.90 RM14.45

Have any socks, underwear or accessories that you need to organize? Then you need this 2-divided multi-grid compartment storage box! It also comes with a lid for protection. It’s square shaped finishing design means that it is compact and space-saving.



MR.DIY Plastic 2-Drawers Compartment Cosmetic Storage Box Set White (30cm X 19.5cm)

2910127 - RM55.00 RM27.50

Make up lovers must get this! This multi-use cosmetic storage organizer box featuring 2-layer drawer and compartments is suitable for cosmetic, jewellery, accessories, stationary and more. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also dust-proof, portable, durable and shatter resistant.



MR.DIY 3 In 1 Plastic Stackable Shelve Shoes Storage Box White (35.5cm X 26.5cm)

2910108 - RM79.00 RM55.30

Can’t decide what shoes to wear? Not only is this shoe shelve storage box ideal for protecting and organizing your shoes, but it also has a transparent cover for easy identification. It makes it easier to decide which shoes to wear for your Outfit of the Day (OOTD). You can easily install this storage box and it’s also detachable for easy storage and space-saving.



MR.DIY Plastic Stackable Shoes Storage Rack Grey 3 (Pcs) 

2910128 - RM22.90 RM16.03

Another option for your shoes are these easy stackable storage rack. This is also great for high heels lover because it has a high heel hanging hole design to ensure that your heels stay on. Now you can display your beautiful heels for you to see! Not only is it durable, lightweight and shatter resistant, but it’s also detachable for easy storage and easy to clean.


With discounts up to 30%, you don’t want to miss out on this MR.DIY Online Exclusive Sales! This sale is for a limited time only so get it while stocks last. MR.DIY Online Exclusive Sales: