Malaysia Day 2019
01 September 2019
Prepare Your Home with MR.DIY for Malaysia Day Gathering

We’ll be having a long weekend this Malaysia Day so why not host a gathering with family and friends? You can catch up, share a meal together and enjoy each other’s company. The best place to plan for the gathering is at the comfort of your home. Coincidently, MR.DIY even offers items that are proudly made in Malaysia for you to prepare your home with.


KLEENSO Serai Wangi Pest Repellent 500ml

9460045 – RM8.32 RM6.50

Made from natural oil base serai (lemongrass), this anti-bacterial pest repellent is a safe way to repel insects such as mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants, lizards and more so you can be sure that your friends and family will be the only guest in the house! This also contains mild cleaner function not only to repel insects, but also clean surfaces! Just spray frequently on tabletops, cabinets, kitchen tops and wipe it off.





RAYACO Rubber Wiper with Handle

9510045 – RM10.73 RM8.50

Your windows and floor need to be clean for your guest so a quick way to clean it is by using a rubber wiper. It can wipe away soap and water at a swipe and it features good quality rubber as well as it is water resistant as well.



WAXCO DIY Air Con Cleaner 550ml

9930040 – RM17.49 RM13.90

Expecting some guests but the air-conditioner is not cool enough? Maybe it simply needs a clean! Here is a budget friendly product you can use to clean your air-conditioner. It effectively dissolves all grease, dirt, mold, fungi and it also can extend the life of the air-conditioner.

LAVA Rectangular Plastic Basket with Lid

9140580 – RM14.48 RM11.50

Need to store stationary? Remote controls? Magazines? Random titbits? Then you’ll need this affordable rattan design storage basket with lid to organize your home with. Not to mention, this is made in Malaysia.


ROYACO Nylon Broom with Handle

9140580 – RM5.39 RM4.10

Most of the time, preparing your home means to clean it and that is true. You’ll need to sweep every room to make sure that there is no dust so that your guests will comfortably enjoy the gathering. Well, this nylon broom with handle is suitable for outdoor or indoor use.




PYE Puttyfilla Cellulose Filler 500g

9190007 – RM6.50 RM4.90

Have minor cracks or holes on your wall that you need to fix? You can do it yourself with this puttyfilla cellulose filler! It’s quick drying ready-to-use filler for plaster, wood and more. Not only is it suitable for filling cracks, but it’s also good for levelling uneven surfaces. Comes with scraper for easy application. You’ll have beautiful walls in no time.


The Proudly Made in Malaysia Promotion is for a limited time only so visit your nearest MR.DIY store from 1st September 2019 till 30th September 2019 to enjoy these discounted prices. While stocks last.