Malaysia Day 2019
06 September 2019
MR.DIY Kitchen Essentials for a Perfect Malaysia Day Feast

Nothing beats gathering friends and family together and spending the day off with a meal. Cook something for your loved ones this Malaysia Day but make sure to prepare your kitchen first with these MR.DIY essentials! Fun fact: these products are all proudly made in Malaysia so you will also be supporting locally made products. You can also get discounts up to 30% through this month's Proudly Made in Malaysia promotion.


MR.DIY Lavender Fresh Scented Floor Cleaner (3L)

9200117 – RM7.56 RM5.90

A clean kitchen starts from the floor. Use MR.DIY’s concentrated floor cleaner, which features lavender fresh scent, to remove tough stains and make your kitchen sparking clean. Prevent a breeding ground for bacteria by using this floor cleaner to disinfect and deodorize the kitchen. It’s suitable for tiles, marble and also terrazzo floors.


RAYACO Cotton Mop

9510033 – RM8.37 RM6.30

Don’t have a mop? Then you need this cotton floor mop made from cotton strings with workmanship. One of the benefits of this is that it prevents wasting fibers and even detergents. This floor cleaner can be used for cement, Terrazzo and wooden floors. It’s affordable and available in 7 colors so you will be spoiled for choice.


LAVA Ballet

9140339 – RM14.90 RM11.50

So, you have a floor cleaner and a mop, now all you need is a new mopping pail to make cleaning easier and more convenient for you.  It features a mop strainer, wheels for easy movement and a strong handle for easy carrying water.


FELTON Single Layer Dish Drainer

9350225 – RM12.27 RM9.30

With so many guests at the house coming for a feast, you will have to do more dishes than usual. No space? Don’t fret because MR.DIY has a budget friendly dish drainer that you can use. It holds a great number of plates and cups with angled plate holders so you can neatly organize your dishes to dry.


Water Dispenser (13L)

9140555 – RM17.87 RM14.30

Other than food, drinks are also important for you guests. Serve them drinks like orange juice, sirap bandung, or softdrinks with this water dispenser that comes with lid and faucet. It’s suitable for events, birthday parties, gatherings and more, which is perfect for this Malaysia Day! Available in 3 colours and it is BPA free.


GENDANG Aluminium Wok

9500081 – RM16.54 RM12.50

If you’re cooking a feast for your friends and family, then you’re going to need backup. An extra cooking wok or pan is always a good idea, especially if you have someone helping you out with the cooking.  Show off your cooking skills with this MR.DIY round shape aluminium pan is suitable for both light and heavy cooking.


PYE Drain Clog-Free Renovator Solvent

9190011 – RM15.04 RM11.30

Even though the grease and organic matters in the drain is not visible to the eye, it’s important to clean them to prevent any drain problem, especially during festive season when you’ll be doing more cooking than usual. Use this clog-free renovator solvent to dissolve grease and unclog sinks and pipes.  You can also use it in the toilet or in wash basin outlet drain holes.


The Proudly Made in Malaysia Promotion is for a limited time only so visit your nearest MR.DIY store from 1st September 2019 till 30th September 2019 to enjoy these discounted prices. While stocks last.