RAYA 2019
12 May 2019
Make Your Own Delightful Makeover

As Hari Raya Puasa celebrations approach, we are reminded of Bazaar Ramadhan, jolly balik kampung songs as well as the anticipation of catching up with relatives and friends. The Raya period is also a great time to enjoy great discounts if you happen to be shopping for household items or home furnishings.

With the many products available, there’s no reason not to join in the Raya celebrations, especially when it’s at affordable prices. If you are on a budget this season, here are some home improvement items from MR.D.I.Y. to beautify your home this Raya.

MR.DIY Red Curtain Malaysia

Red Curtain

People who wear red outfits like to be the center of attention. Their confidence and liveliness attract people to them. Why not take them as an example and bring the confidence and liveliness to your living room with this red curtain. Surely the room will be the place people gather the most this Raya!

Raya Pillow Case Malaysia MR.DIY

Pillow Case

Many home owners love to decorate their sofa with pillows. What is great about pillows is that their cases can easily be changed to suit any theme. Mix and match your Raya home makeover with this red and gold pillow. A touch of gold details will give the room a little hint of majesty.

Raya Wall Sticker Malaysia MR DIY

Wall Sticker

Welcoming someone is a happy and fun occasion. Give a warm welcome to visiting friends and family with this Raya Wall Sticker. Place it on the living room entryway so it will be the first thing that they see when they enter to your home.

Hanging Deco

Add this Hanging Deco to give your home a little more Raya feel to it! Seeing this decoration will make your guests feel even more excited about the celebration. Here is a little tip: never throw away your decorations. Keep it aside once the celebration is over and re-use the decoration the next year.

Flower Vase & Table Runner Malaysia MR DIY

Table Runner

Back in the day, table runners were used by nobles to protect tables from crumbs and spills. Now, the purpose of table runners has changed, and people use it mostly to create a seasonal display to the dining table. In this case, the table runner is perfect to give your guests a Raya mood while they are having a feast. This red and gold table runner is not only elegant, but it is also affordable.


Dazzle your home with gorgeous Hari Raya flower decorations. This is the perfect vase to put your flowers–be it in the living room, kitchen or in the guest room. It’s important to clean your vase thoroughly and change out the water every two to three days to keep your flowers fresh for a longer period.

Raya Living Room Before & After MT DIY