Beat the Haze
24 September 2019
Escape the Haze with These Indoor Craft Activities

Many areas in Malaysia are shrouded in hazy skies, and it is not advisable for anyone to stay outdoors, especially with the unhealthy Air Pollution Index (API) readings lately. Don’t fret about staying indoors as there is a myriad of things you can do with your family at home. Escape the haze with these indoor craft activities suggested by MR.DIY.


1.DIY Rope Bulb Terranium

While waiting for the haze to pass, why not drop by to MR.DIY and get some materials for this rope bulb terrarium project? Instead of bulbs, you can also use jam jars, plastic takeout containers, and yogurt cups which can all be repurposed for this project.

You can also get more creative with different-colored ropes or adding accents like beads or ribbon. After all, the best projects are always the ones that have endless possibilities!

Take a look at the video to see just how easy it is to create a DIY hanging terrarium to your home.



2.DIY Rope Basket

Handmade rope baskets are easy to make, and the materials don't cost much at all. You can make them countless ways, in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can even make them in different colors too by dyeing the rope that you are using. They are perfect for storing a variety of items such as toiletries or craft supplies. During this hazy weather, why don’t you make one for yourself and for a friend as a gift.Who said spending time indoors is boring?


3.DIY Earring Organizer

To the girls out there -- Is there anything worse than not being able to find the piece of jewelry you’re looking for? You know, the earrings or bracelet that will complement your outfit perfectly?

Since you’re already staying indoors to stay away from the haze, you can try making this lovely DIY earring holder. Watch the video to find out how.


 4.DIY Jewellery Beads

The haze looks like it might be here for some time but the kids may already be bored from staying indoors all the time. They want to go out, explore and keep active all the time! But you must advise them that they shouldn’t play outside as the haze could make them sick. Well, this is a fun activity for you and your little one, especially for your little girl. Girls can use their imagination to make any craft, whether it’s necklaces and bracelets, so why not try this DIY Jewellery Beads Set.


P/S: These DIY Jewellery Beads Set are from our sister company – MR.TOY! If you haven’t heard about it yet, do check out MR.TOY’s Facebook Page.