MR.DIY Online October New Arrivals
02 October 2019
Have a Colourful Birthday Party with MR.DIY

Birthdays only happen once a year so why no make it special for yourself or for your loved ones. This month on MR.DIY Online, we have some new items for you and a few of them are especially suitable for your birthday party planning.

Latex Pastel Colour Round Balloons (12’ x 100 pcs)

9016378 - RM16.90

Balloons are a budget friendly way of adding colour and atmosphere to your party. You can choose to fill it with air or helium and its suitable for parties for adults and even parties for children (plus they can even take it back home). Not only are they great for birthday parties, but they are also great for other different types of parties as well.

Latex Mix-Colour Long Twist Magical Balloons with Pump Set

9016374 - RM4.70


These long twist magical balloons can used to make cute animals or any other interesting things such as dog balloon, sword balloons, flower balloons or balloon hats by twisting and combining them. It’s the perfect entertainment for kids parties but they are also perfect for balloons bouquet, floral arrangements, home and table decor, photo shoot, party games and more.



Party Blowouts Whistle (10pcs)

9016379 - RM2.70

A staple at any celebration, these party blowouts whistle come in assorted colors. Break out these Party Blowouts when it's almost time to eat cake, or sing happy birthday and you’ll have a very lively party.


Foam Birthday Party Hat

9016362 - RM2.90


A birthday is not a birthday without a good party hat, they are perfect for a colourful party and kids love them! Not to mention, they can result in adorable photos of your loved ones.  



Donut Squishy Keychain (8cm)

9046073 - RM5.30

A great way to thank your guests for coming to your party is to send them home with a goody bag. If you have a colourful birthday party, you can slip these cute and colourful donut squishy keychain into the goody bags for your guests to keep as reminders.

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