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07 October 2019
Effective Ways to Keep Your Car Well Maintained

Just like we take care of ourselves, the same basic concepts apply to keeping our cars in the best possible condition. Did you know that MR.DIY offers car accessories and products to help you with just that? Anyway, here are a few simple, easy-to-remember tips on how to keep your car in a tip top condition.


1.Keep a Clean Windshield

A dirty, bug-splattered windshield is a safety hazard, and it’s just one of the things that obscures your view of the road. So, give it a regular cleaning with this Windscreen Wiper Fluid. This is especially important after an extended drive on the highway when your windshield is littered with insects or dust. Your wipers have a role to play in keeping the windshield clean too, but scroll down to read more about that.



2. Replace Your Windshield Wipers

Replace your windshield wipers when the view gets streaky. It may seem silly and people always put off replacing their windshield wipers, but during heavy rain, streaky windshields poses a risk to your safety. Don’t wait until you can barely see through your windshield. Wipers are cheap and easy to replace yourself. While you’re at it, give your windshield a good cleaning inside and out—if it’s hard to see, the problem may be inside, not out.



 3. Wash Your Car Regularly

While failing to wash your car won’t result in immediate damage, over time the elements will corrode your vehicle, along with its potential re-sell value. If you live in an area with a lot of pollution and sea salt in the air, you’ll need to wash it two or three times a month. Otherwise, a once a month car wash will suffice. We suggest using this Car Shampoo to clean the dirt that comes from grease and grime, acid rain, smog, tree sap, dead bugs and even bird poop that accumulates from your drive every day.



 4. Don’t Forget Your Dashboard

Nothing is more annoying than sitting in a vehicle with the dashboard coated with dust and grime. It’s literally in front of you, so you’re able to see every imperfection and every bit of dirt that sits there. A dirty dashboard is a haven for germs and bugs that can make you sick. You need dashboard polish to help you get that spotless dashboard you desire and to ensure that you spend time in a healthy environment. Dashboard polish are a specially formulated for a car's interior, and they are known to produce impressive results without leaving a greasy residue behind so drop by MR.DIY to get one at an affordable price.



 5.Replace Old Coolant with Fresh Ones

Coolant is the fluid that absorbs heat from the engine and then dissipates it through the radiator. It is commonly called antifreeze. Servicing the coolant involves draining and/or flushing your car's cooling system and then replacing the old coolant with fresh coolant. We suggest you using long-life engine coolant for your vehicle as it will provide protection against boiling in hot weather and freezing in cold temperatures, with little or no maintenance.


 6.Keep Your Car Interior Clean

When was the last time you cleaned your vehicle’s interior?

If you’re frequently commuting with passengers, especially children or pets, it’s a no-brainer that they will be introducing dust and dirt in your car, which will accumulate over time. Keeping your automobile’s interior clean not only safeguards your hard-earned investment but can also reduce how stressed you might feel while driving. This multi-purpose foam cleaner has strong foaming action that will lift grime and dirt out of your car interior. This is because being a foam product, it truly renders a fantastic cleaning action when you spray and let it soak into the material.


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