Halloween 2019
11 October 2019
Halloween Hunting: Spooky Picks from MR.DIY

It’s the spookiest month of the year, and it’s time to look for the scariest items to decorate your Halloween party or office with. to think of a new Halloween costume! MR.DIY is kicking off a new Halloween season with some new products, not to mention with the BEST price around for your spooky Halloween needs.


Halloween Pumpkin Lantern

8750104 – RM4.90

Take these pumpkin lanterns out for a walk at night (somewhere safe of course!) and see the pumpkin lighting up your walkway. As it uses LED lights, this lantern is also suitable for young kids and it can even be a part of their Halloween costume.



Halloween Skull String Lamp

8750108 – RM15.50

Lights can be great decorations to create certain atmospheres so these skull string lamps are perfect to create that spooky feel to your Halloween themed room. Here is a tip: Add a little spiderweb decoration to make it spookier!


Halloween Noctilucent Nail Set

8750116 – RM3.50

If you’re planning to dress as a green Ghoul or a Zombie for Halloween, then this Noctilucent Nail Set is the perfect complement to your costume. Here is how we did it: paint your hands green, then put on the nail set. To make it a little bit more realistic, add some fake blood to the mix!



Halloween Deco (Bat Fan)

8750133 – RM5.90

Do you need Halloween decorations that are suitable for little kids? This Hanging Bat Fan deco is perfect for it. The animated bat illustration is not too scary  and you can even fold it up again to reuse for the next year.



Halloween Witch Broom

8750092 – RM5.90

Witches are popular during Halloween. Which means that you can use this witch broom for Halloween decorations or even as a mini accessory for your Halloween costume, along with the famous pointy witch hats.



Halloween Bucket (S)

8750099 – RM1.30

Malaysians don’t practice the tradition of Trick or Treat but that doesn’t mean that the fun of candy buckets should be missed out. You can fill out these pumpkin buckets with candy and place them at the entrance or on any tables. That way, anyone can help themselves to a little treat.

*Halloween products are only available at selected outlets.