Scanlon Cosmetics
22 October 2019
Beauty on a Budget: Look Good with MR.DIY

If you have passion for makeup, but you never seem to have enough money, why not drop by MR.DIY? Makeup can be expensive, but there are lots of ways to save money, so you can have a great makeup collection while still having money left over for everything else you need.



Scanlon Cosmetics 3 Colours Eyebrow Kit

9056965 – RM4.30

We have something to help you create brows that are fuller, thicker, and more defined! This 3 Colours Eyebrow Kit defines and shapes brows and the colour complementing powder keeps them looking arched and perfected. Choose from 3 kits to compliment your look.

Scanlon Cosmetics Lipstick

9056954 – RM3.90

There are a variety of affordable lipsticks to choose from at MR.DIY thanks for Scanlon Cosmetics. We’re talking about a variety of colours to suit any occasion – whether it is for a simple day out to the mall, dinner with a special someone, visiting a friend or an event. Even having a lipstick in your purse will improve your day significantly.


Scanlon Cosmetics Matte Finish Liquid Foundation

9056956 – RM4.90

Some can't live without foundation. Regardless of what kind of foundation or price of the product you’re using, the way for your skin to exude a rich healthy glow is all about the application. Here is a tip to achieve a rich healthy glow: Start by using a mist on a fluffy full brush lightly with water and put a dab of product on the back of your hand. Swirl the brush in it and buff into your skin in a quick circular motion.

Scanlon Cosmetics Vanity Blush

9056960 – RM4.50

Of all the beauty products out there, blush is the most flattering look for all ages. Just a pinch can make you look healthier, dewier, and more youthful. The universal goal is to add a touch of colour, brighten up your complexion, and add softness to your overall look no matter what face shape you are. Don’t know which shades to choose from? Well, the following shades work best with these complexions so do take note on this when you are looking at the options at MR.DIY: -

Fair Skin: Pinks..the lighter the better

Medium Skin: browns and roses

Tanned Skin: deep rose

Olive Skin: plums, golden browns or deep roses

Dark Skin: dark bronzes and deep reds


Scanlon Cosmetics Highlighter

9056963 – RM5.90

In everyday occasions highlighters are excellent for bringing forward your favourite features and give a healthy sheen to the skin. In other words, a touch of perfectly placed highlighter can help instantly open up the look of your eyes, define your face, create symmetry and add a glow to your face. For an affordable price, you can find the perfect highlighter colour for you at MR.DIY.

Scanlon Cosmetics Eyeshadow Set

9056961 – RM3.30

Do you get overwhelmed with huge palettes? If so, this little eyeshadow set is perfect for you. The color is neutral so you can use it on a day-to-day basis. Simply stroke the matte shade in your creases and lower lash lines for some definition.

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