MR.DIY Challenge
26 November 2019
MR.DIY Youtube RM50 Challenge

With more than 14,000 variety of products to choose from, you can get many things from MR.DIY. MR.DIY caters to almost all of your needs including hardware, household, electrical, furnishing, car accessories, stationery needs and more.

With the tagline ‘Always Low Prices’, how many items do you think you can get for RM50 at MR.DIY? What if you only have a certain amount to spend on a trip?

Check out the RM50 Challenge done by these Youtubers! This challenge is to see how many items they can get for only RM50. One Youtuber even split RM50 between 2 person and it looks like both of them got a lot of stuff.

Aisyah Habshee

Cik Siti


Sidrah Qistina


Are you impressed with the number of items they got?  Let us know in the comments section below on which ones do you like the best.