Promosi Poket Selamat 6
02 December 2019
6 Things Under RM10 To Get This Month

The end of the year is a great time for savings because there will always be year end sales or promotion. This December, MR.DIY brings you Promosi Poket Selamat 6! Read on to find out what items you can get for below RM10:


8971332 - RM13.50 RM9.50

If you’re always on the go, then you need to bring a water bottle with you always. Not only will it keep you hydrated while you are busy out and about, but it’s also environmentally friendly – you get to save so much plastic mineral water bottles!


Sweet Ice Cream

9013374 – RM10.58 RM7.50

Kids love ice cream, and they can spot it from a mile away. Whether if its real ice cream or come in the form of toys or even decoration, they will still love it. You can give your kids this “Sweet Ice Cream” or give to someone as a gift and make their day even sweeter. They can be creative with this by making either, ice cream, ice cream with nuts or even popsicle figures.


Inkax Earphone

8992041- RM11.71 RM8.30

Need an affordable earphone that you can use in a daily basis? Why not get one while it is on sale at MR.DIY? You can listen to music while you are on the in the train, in the coffee shop or even in the office.


Notebook A5

9089514 – RM11.20 RM7.90

Students always have to take notes in class or during discussions. Sometimes it’s just easier to remember about something when you take a pen and write it down in a notebook. You also don’t have to worry about notes getting “deleted”.

USB Cable

8992214 – RM10.80 RM7.50

Is your USB Cable not working anymore? Get a new one at a cheaper price this month at MR.DIY. Since we are always on the go, we need USB cables literally everywhere – our room, our car, our office and more!


Motorcycle Cover

9001691 – RM10.75 RM7.90

Here is something for all motorcycle riders out there! In Malaysia, it is always raining so coming back to your motorcycle after an unexpected rain pour can be very uncomfortable because then you will need to sit on the wet seats. Fortunately, here is something that can help you to cover your motorcycle in case that happens.


Enjoy Promosi Poket Selamat 6 as it is for a limited time only. Visit your nearest MR.DIY store from 1st September 2019 till 30th September 2019 to enjoy these discounted prices. You can also purchase them online at:

While stocks last.