21 August 2020
MR.DIY and University of Malaya Medical Centre Collaborate on  The Zone, a Multipurpose Room for Doctors and Students 
MR.DIY and University of Malaya Medical Centre Collaborate on  The Zone, a Multipurpose Room for Doctors and Students 

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 AUGUST 2020 — Malaysian home improvement retailer MR.DIY has always endeavoured to do its part to provide help and support to those in need. The retailer officially handed over the keys to a newly refurbished multipurpose room, called The ZONE, on 14 August, to University of Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), after a joint effort renovating it.  
Formerly an unused medical records room, The ZONE will act as a multipurpose room for UMMC employees and students to conduct and participate in lectures, tutorials, discussions, clinical teaching, as well as to update patients’ next-of-kin about their conditions. 
MR.DIY Chairman, Dato’ Azlam Shah Alias, said: “This is our way of thanking the medical community in UMMC, for their diligence and dedication to their duties, of looking after the Malaysian public. I hope that this humble contribution will go some way towards ensuring the well-being of UMMC frontliners and staff in general, by providing them a conducive space to carry out medical and healthcare education. On this note, I also wish to thank the team at MR.DIY and UMMC for the joint effort in rising to the call to meet the needs of this hospital, and transforming The ZONE room into what it is today.”  
University of Malaya Medical Centre Deputy Director (Management), Encik Iskandar bin Ahmad, said: “UMMC is one of the designated hospitals for COVID-19 patients and we were lucky to receive aid from various corporations, including MR.DIY, who was the first organisation to extend a helping hand to us during the early stages of the pandemic. On behalf of the hospital, I wish to express our deepest thanks to MR.DIY for this contribution (The ZONE). This contribution means so much to us at UMMC, as it supports our effort to provide the best service to the public,” continued Encik Iskandar. 
This is not the first time that the home improvement retailer has collaborated with University of Malaya —MR.DIY has been partnering with UMCares to organise the national competition called ‘DIY Made Simple’ for secondary school students, and it had collaborated with UMMC on other projects in the past. The retailer hopes its contribution of The ZONE will benefit the employees of UMMC as a whole, and welcomes future collaborations with the hospital.  
The retailer had also contributed towards the healthcare sector during the MCO by channelling its efforts towards corporate social responsibility initiatives. It provided frontliners with aid worth over RM3.8 million in the form of donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) suits, face masks, face shields, and materials to make face shields — both as part of its own efforts and in collaboration with other organisations.  
For more information, visit MR.DIY’s website, www.mrdiy.com , e-commerce platform, www.mrdiy.com.my , and social media pages, Facebook and Instagram @mrdiy2u for the latest updates. 


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