26 June 2021
MR.DIY x Krayon4Society 50 Families Hulu Langat CSR
On 26 June 2021, it is a pleasure for MR DIY to collaborate with Krayon4Society, the NGO formed by a group of youngsters, to deliver household items and food packs for 50 families who are in needs in Kampung Batu 16 Dusun Tua, Hulu Langat.
MR DIY contributes households items such as powder detergent, dishwasher, toothpaste, tooth brush, shower gel,face mask, hand sanitizer and shampoo alongside with food packs items such as 10kg rice, flour, vermicelli, eggs, cooking oil, sugar salt, instant noodle & biscuits.
We hope that this initiative will bring happiness to the families and ease their burden.

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