25 April 2022
MR.DIY CSR: #DIY4ZooNegara
Through the #DIY4ZooNegara initiative, MR.DIY recently completed a two-year contribution worth RM408,288, which included contributions to adopt two giraffes, Tilly and Gerald, and a male Malayan tiger named Jagoh. The funds, disbursed over 2021-2022, went towards improving and upkeeping the zoo facilities, including upgrading the roof and tunnel floors in the tigers’ enclosure, as well as building gazebos for the use of visitors. The retailer also contributed hardware tools, equipment, uniforms, and special edition face masks for the zoo’s 300 employees. 

In April 2021, MR.DIY ran a Facebook poll inviting Malaysians to help name the adopted animals by casting votes on their favourite names. Malaysians chose to name the two giraffes Tilly and Gerald , while the male tiger was named Jagoh.

The adoption of Tilly, Gerald, and Jagoh, along with the contribution of equipment, tools, uniforms, and face masks, has helped ensure Zoo Negara remains a happy place for visitors and employees alike.  We also hope this will inspire more corporates to find ways of adding value to our country’s many iconic attractions.

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