14 January 2021
MR.DIY Second "You Share, We Donate"
Taking inspiration from true stories, MR.DIY produced a web film titled 'Inseparable' to mark the return of their 'You Share, We Donate' campaign in support of the Malaysian Relief Agency's (MRA) aid for frontliners.

The 3-minute web film is a powerful tribute expressing the hardships faced by frontliners and their loved ones during the holiday season. Uploaded on the MR.DIY Facebook page and with each share, RM1 would be donated to the MRA, a non-profit humanitarian organisation.

As a result, MR.DIY garnered 3.9million views and 4,220 shares over the duration of the 3-week campaign in December, resulting in a cash voucher donation of RM4,220 to the MRA. 

In the true spirit of #KitaJagaKita, MR.DIY would like to remind the rakyat to take necessary precautions and stay home whenever possible.

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