MR.DIY #RayaSamaSamaMRDIY Tiktok Challenge 2024

MR.DIY #RayaSamaSamaMRDIY Tiktok Challenge 2024
Are you ready to be part of the excitement? Join the electrifying #RayaSamaSamaMRDIY TikTok challenge
and embrace the festive spirit that celebrates togetherness and unity.

Don't miss out on prizes worth RM20,000 – gather your squad, film your video, and revel in the joy of #RayaSamaSamaMRDIY!

Contest Duration:

18 Mar - 30 Apr 2024 

How to participate:

Step 1: Search our Sound on Tiktok
Head to our #RayaSamaSamaMRDIY sound.

Step 2: Make a Tiktok
Record a Tiktok video featuring as many people as possible using our sound for at least 5 seconds.
Be as creative as possible with Raya vibes!

@mrdiy.malaysia MR.DIY collaborate dengan Alif Satar & The Locos? 😱 Korang pernah tengok tak Alif Satar & The Locos bertiktok sebelum ni? 😆 Nampak mudah je kan diorang menari lagu Raya Sama-Sama ni. Jom join TikTok Challenge #RayaSamaSamaMRDIY sebab ada banyak hadiah menarik untuk korang menangi! 😍 Klik sini untuk lihat cara untuk sertai: #MRDIY #RayaSamaSamaMRDIY #TikTokDanceChallenge ♬ Raya Sama-Sama - Alif Satar

Step 3: Upload & Tag
Upload your video on TikTok with #RayaSamaSamaMRDIY and mention @mrdiy.malaysia TikTok account.
Make sure your account is set to public!

Step 4: Submit
Complete your submission through our Google Form above to stand a chance to win! 

Terms & Conditions [ENG]
Terms & Condition [BM]