5 Amazing MR.DIY Tips & Hacks You Should Try
Looking for some amazing tips & hacks to try? Scroll down to see some suggestions from MR.DIY.

MR.DIY Stitching Hacks
Learning how to sew can save you money and it also allows you to repurpose almost anything made from fabric. Watch the video to see how to do invisible stitches, perfect stitches, and fix loose jeans in style with these hacks! 

Cooking Hacks Everyone Should Know
Can you use a soup ladle to poach an egg? or create perfectly shaped sushi with an ice tray? Or even use the back of the pan to create perfect crepes? Find out more by watching this video.

Tips to Remove Stain Easily
Here are some tips to remove common stains and you can use things that you already have. For example, you can remove sticker stains with cooking oil!

Cookie Shaping Hacks
Did you know that you can use ordinary things in your home to create cookie shapes? Watch how you can make starry cookies using a whisk, leaf cookies using a chopstick and more.

Essential Hardware
Have you wondered what essential hardware you should keep in your home? Every home should have a measuring tape for measuring size or distance and a wrench for tightening and loosening pipe fittings. What else do you think a home needs?