A Special Gift for Adik Aslam

Imagine having a normal day when you suddenly received a surprise email... That’s what happened to us at MR.DIY. 

Recently we were delighted to receive an email from the grandmother of one of our biggest fans!

Who is that big fan? His name is Aslam and he has been a fan of MR.DIY since he was 3 years old and he’s now 6. In his grandmother’s email, she mentions that unlike other kids who prefers to spend time playing with toys, he prefers to spend his days visiting the MR.DIY stores near his home.

We discovered that his daily routine is to visit MR.DIY stores with his mother and he would spend hours admiring the walls, posters and more. Because of that, his grandmother asked us if we could help to provide any posters or buntings for him, and she was also willing to purchase them for Aslam.

Upon hearing this story, the team at MR.DIY felt so touched to see how much Aslam loves MR.DIY and as a small gesture, decided to get in touch with his family and organise 
a surprise birthday celebration for him. Besides that, Aslam also received customised buntings, posters, decorations as well as toys so that he can enjoy his favourite things at the comfort of his home!

Watch the video for a heartwarming treat: