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Stationeries are required to perform common business operations in a normal office working setting. Printers, calculators, pens, journals, fax machines, copiers, and file cabinets are among these requirements. All of this would be a daily or monthly necessity for the office and need to be replenished by the person in charge (typically a procurement manager) on a regular basis in order to ease all the employees to complete their tasks.

SMART A4 80Gsm Paper (500's) - 9740405

A4 paper is one of the biggest necessities in the office environment. Usually, they will be used for printing, faxing or perhaps in preparing for meeting minutes. You will also need it for any reports and documentations to be made. Hence, we would be keen to provide you this supply via our MRDIY For Business.

Black Gel Ink Pen 3pcs 05mm - 9089216

As an employee, you naturally will need a pen to jot down notes during a meeting or any quick catch up. Your team should be given this essential tool to accomplish that. Therefore, if your company runs out of stock, you can always buy pens in bulk with us and get free shipping when you join our MRDIY For Business.

KEJEA Transparent Acrylic ID Card Cover (5.4cm x 8.5cm) - 9088939

Any company's human resource (HR) department will always be welcoming new employees at any time. The new employee, on the other hand, is always looking forward to receiving a company access tag, which identifies them as one of the company's legitimate workers. Hence, by purchasing in bulk and storing it for future use, the appointed department can plan a good flow for their new recruitments. As you know, now you can buy in bulk with a great saving with MRDIY.COM.MY. 

CEKSUM Electronic Calculator 8 Digits (9cm) - 9022965

In month ends closing, the finance and payroll divisions are constantly concerned with calculations ranging from simple to complex. The company usually helps by providing them with a piece of small and simple equipment like a calculator that will help them to solve adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying questions easily. The company can always buy them in a big quantity from us via MR.DIY For Business platform.

KADISI Memo Pad - 9082873

In a world where productivity software reigns supreme, sticky notes, a simple piece of stationery, are still proving to be an important tool as a quick reminder to any employee.  Although software companies have attempted to digitise the sticky note, the original small square or any size of paper has proven to stand the test of time. Here in MR.DIY For Business, we are prepared to provide you with free shipping when your company buys the stock for sticky notes with us.

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