MR.DIY CSR: Walk With Style: MR.DIY Plus Midvalley Megamall

MR.DIY, the largest home improvement retailer in Southeast Asia, hosted a successful CSR program, "Walk With Style MR.DIY Plus Mid Valley," on March 17th and 18th, 2023. The program aimed at promoting upcycling, sustainability, and unleashing children's creativity, saw the participation of about 130 individuals.

During the two-day event, the participants created unique designs using art materials, showcasing their creativity and commitment to sustainable practices. 

The "Walk With Style MR.DIY Plus Mid Valley" program was part of MR.DIY's ongoing commitment to promoting sustainability and upcycling and will continue to support programs and initiatives that align with these values.

Participants and parents were delighted with the program, as it provided an opportunity for children to showcase their creativity while learning about sustainable practices. Besides, the parents were pleased as they believed this program would give a positive impact on the environment. 

One of the parents who was observing the whole event said, “This is such a great program where MR.DIY allow the kids to explore their creativity without limitation. During the 2-year COVID-19 situation, my kids were mostly stucked at home and nothing much they can do. By participating this event, my kids have the great chance to have fun and actualize the inner creativity. Thank you MR.DIY!”