MR.DIY dials up the Hari Raya mood with ‘Raya Serba Baharu’

KUALA LUMPUR, 17 March 2023 —
Malaysians are gearing up for yet another festive season, with the month of Ramadhan just around the corner.  And well prepared to celebrate along with them is the nation’s favourite home improvement retailer, MR.DIY Group [M] Berhad [MR.DIY].

There’s a palpable level of excitement at the retailer’s 1,090 stores nationwide as they roll out a whole range of Ramadhan and Hari Raya Aidilfitri specials under the banner of “Raya Serba Baharu”.  

The special range of 140 items is available at selected stores from 15 March to 30 April 2023. For the first time ever, MR.DIY’s Hari Raya Aidilfitri range includes brooches, dokoh kebaya and songkok, as well as baju melayu button. 

Announcing the initiative, MR.DIY Group Head of Marketing, Alex Goh said, “Hari Raya is all about forgiveness and strengthening ‘silaturrahim’ amongst families, relatives, and friends. Our aim with ‘Raya Serba Baharu' is to enable all Malaysians to make the most of this Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration, whether they are hosting family and friends, or visiting loved ones.  We have curated a special lineup of festive essentials at ‘Always Low Prices’, making them accessible to the rakyat whilst reducing the burden on their wallets this festive season. It’s all about giving Malaysians value at their most important celebrations.”

Other highlights in the range include affordable Hari Raya and household essentials such as hanging ornaments, festive decor and stickers, to pelita Raya and LED lights, perfect for brightening up homes. 

To add flair to each home, there are household furnishings, cushions, floor mats, table runners, tissue boxes, and curtain buckles, as well as melamine kitchenware to ensure festive meals are served beautifully.  Don’t miss the extra-special 5-in-1 glass jug sets, which are on 30 percent discount at RM13.90 [Normal Price RM19.90], perfect for entertaining. To celebrate the spirit of giving, there are also gift bags, boxes, and Hari Raya green packets. 

As always, MR.DIY also carries household cleaners and personal care products to ensure home and families are at their best. In addition to the range of Hari Raya items listed above, MR.DIY Group subsidiary, MR.DOLLAR, is also offering snacks, drinks, and household essentials at affordable prices this Hari Raya. 

He added, “In the spirit of ‘Raya Serba Baharu’, I’m delighted to announce that we are collaborating with two well-known celebrities, Wani Kayrie and Ara Johari, in our ‘Raya Serba Baharu’ webfilm which will premiere on 7 April 2023. The webfilm reflects our ethos of always having a positive impact on the communities we operate it; the film is certainly very heartwarming so do look out for it.”

Goh added that MR.DIY is also partnering with three financial service providers to offer attractive in-store cashback and discounts across participating MR.DIY, MR.TOY, and MR.DOLLAR stores. The three providers are two e-wallets - Boost and Touch ‘n Go eWallet, as well as HSBC Bank. 

Customers who spend a minimum of RM40 at MR.DIY, RM50 at MR.TOY, or RM30 at MR.DOLLAR stores nationwide will receive four complimentary Duit Raya packets, while stocks last.

MR.DIY’s ‘Raya Serba Baharu’ promotion is available at selected MR.DIY stores across Malaysia. For the full list of the Hari Raya Aidilfitri specials and details of promotions, visit:

For more information about MR.DIY, visit, e-commerce platform,, Facebook, and Instagram.

MR.DIY’s  5-in-1 glass jug set,is priced at RM13.90 and is set to be the most sought-after product this Raya. Perfect for entertaining guests.

Ara Johari (left) and Wani Kayrie (Right) are bringing ‘Raya Serba Baharu’ this festive season with MR.DIY. Watch them in MR.DIY’s Raya Serba Baharu’ webfilm this 7 April 2023.